The best of British Scalp Micropigmentation


The best of British Scalp Micropigmentation


Scalp micropigmentation creates the visual effect of having a full head of hair permanently.


Scalp Micropigmentation is the ultimate hair loss solution for both men and women. It’s proven to be safe and effective, this non-surgical precision technique replicates the look of natural hair follicles and provides clients with the appearance of a closely-shaven scalp.

Scalp Micropigmentation, otherwise known as SMP or a hair tattoo delivers the vision of a full head of hair indefinitely.


SMP provides clients with the appearance of a closely-shaven scalp. SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) delivers the vision of a full head of hair indefinitely.
The starting cost of SMP treatment is $500. Please contact us to arrange a free consultation so we can discuss your needs and provide you with the best possible solution.



Scalp Micropigmentation will imitate a shaved or buzzed haircut on bald areas, alopecia and scars so that they can be hidden, giving the illusion of a shaved or buzzed haircut which is always fashionable.

We use the best technology (German) that’s well-known for great results (SMP). The Scalp pigmentation treatment is non-surgical, immediate, scar free and uses no drugs. It delivers instant results!

Faded Hairline

Peaked Hairline

Faux Scar

Receded Hairline


Get the answers to our most frequently asked questions about scalp micropigmentation.
If there is anything else that you want to ask or need clarification with, get in touch with us.

What is scalp micropigmentation (SMP)?

SMP is cosmetic tattooing (medical hair tattoo) that offers a solution to hair loss by replicating hair follicles that are about to grow giving the impression of a shaved look. SMP can treat anywhere on the scalp that is losing hair or even complete baldness of the scalp.

What is the cost?

Prices vary from $500 – $4000 depending on hair loss, please send us photos of your hair loss and we can provide an accurate quote with more details.

Will it look real?

Scalp micropigmentation gives the look of a shaven head or a stubble shadow look, the treatment at Creative Scalps will be undetectable, only you, the people you choose to tell and Creative Scalps will know.

How long will the treatment take?

This is dependent on amount of hair loss. As a general rule you will be looking at 3 or 4 sessions over a 6-8 week period. Each session can last 2-4 hours.

How do you choose the right colour shade?

This is done according to skin tone and/or remaining hair colour. We have huge experience of a diverse range of clients from all cultures. 1st sessions usually start with a lighter shade and we gradually build up density and darkness as we progress to complete your treatment.

How do we choose the front hairline?

We can go through some pictures of hairlines and draw some hairlines on you. When choosing hairlines it is always best to play it safe, not going too low on the first visit. Then on the second visit you would have decided how low you want to go. We can also produce various hairline styles depending on what you like (ie jagged, soft, slightly receding, edged up, lines and designs) Creative Scalps have developed techniques and procedures to ensure your hairline will be in the correct place and suit you and your style. We are from a barbering background and have years of top level experience to ensure this is done correctly.

Is SMP the same as a normal tattoo?

No. We use different pigments, inks, machines, needles and techniques. Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a specialist field of its own and requires a highly experienced technician to achieve great results.

Will it damage existing hair?

No not at all, as the depth of the needle is only into the upper dermis, if anything the treatment has been known to stimulate hair growth.

Are the results permanent?

Results of completed treatments will last for years, depending on lifestyle and immune system. Many clients like to have a top-up session after 2 or 3 years just to keep their new style looking fresh.

How much does a top-up session cost?

Touch up prices vary according to what is needed. Price for an existing client is usually $300 and for SMP repair prices start at $600.

Does the colour discolour (turn orange/blue)?

No, as we only use a carbon based black pigment which is diluted to match your skin tone.

Do you match direction of hair growth?

Yes, direction of hair growth is always taken into consideration for the most realistic results.

Does the treatment hurt?

The honest answer is yes you are going to feel discomfort as with any tattoo procedure. We advise clients to have eaten well and be in good health on the day of treatment. Our pre-treatment advice also includes moisturising the scalp twice daily in the days/weeks leading up to your procedure. This will help soften the skin. The elation you will feel after solving your hairloss issues will far outweigh any discomfort from treatment. 

How flexible are you on bookings?

We can work it around your work or social life no problem, weekends late nights early mornings are all ok. Creative Scalps has one of the worlds most skilled and experienced technicians so we do sometimes have waiting lists of 4-6 weeks.

Based on 110 reviews.
Mr K
Mr K
Where do I start?? Well, I started losing my hair when I was 20. I tried topical minoxidil...thought about hair transplant in Turkey ..then forgot about the whole hair issue..was happy just to have a shaved head...Time passed by and I was suddenly 40!!! Mid-life crisis hit...I still wanted to look 20??Then I came across Creative Scalps!!! I was still unsure since I was worried that people would notice given that I work closely with the public...I met with Marc who is an absolute gentleman...He then introduced me to another super cool dude Will Quaye....From that moment, I knew I wanted to have micro-pigmentation....I had 3 sessions in total...I have to admit that I was such a wimp on my 1st appointment...Whilst my own job consists partly of injecting people with medications, I felt like it was Karma getting back at me ??.....I would strongly advise using emla cream prior to the treatment unless you're not a wimp ? I enjoyed the sessions once I used the numbing cream...It's been over 6 months since I have had it done now and I waited that long to write this review so that I can give a true and fair review. So far people have said that I look younger but no one has noticed what I had done...The ink has not faded and Will was so patient with me especially with my hairline...I can be very fussy but Will never complained!! Anyway, If you are thinking of having scalp micro-pigmentation, then don't think twice - the team at Creative Scalps is what you need. Thank you Will and Marc??
Abraham Davies
Abraham Davies
Experience from start to finish was A*. Had an appointment with Marc, he answered all my questions in detail and my results are exceptional. Would strongly recommend to anyone considering SMP.
Maiesh rhooms
Maiesh rhooms
This review is seriously over due!! After many years of researching the best smp artist in the UK and abroad,I decided to go with Marc Allen from Creative. Marc has a real talent and eye for detail which allows him to be the Ronaldo/Messi of smp lol and if you care about details and getting the correct natural look for your face you would appreciate that skill. I had the recommend 3 procedure over the space of a year abs half (as my hair was gradually started to thin ) with the last being July 2020 after the 1st Covid Reopen.. and the quality of the smp has remained the same today. Nobody can even tell I’ve had it done (unless I grow my hair out) I have friends who has gone to other clinics and have been back several times in one year for top ups because of the ink changing,fading and blurring a couple of them visited some Harley Street Clinic. Honestly I know it’s his job but I appreciate Marc and Creative scalps having smp has made my life so much easier day to day not mention the CONFIDENCE it gives me. I visited the clinic several times to do my research before I booked and what gave me the confidence was everytime the work that I saw on the day was the same quality of the Instagram post. Marc is a genuine,real chilled humble guy he doesn’t brag on how good he but he is Re-Marc-Able and I wish him the great success in future. I know for sure is one of Best Smp Company in the World. Keep Changing Lives Buddy
Adam Croft
Adam Croft
It says they have a London location, when I called the location where they say they have a clinic the receptionist said they have never heard of Creative Scalps. I asked creative scalps why and they said they didn't actually have a London clinic, seems a bit shady, after looking into smp now I can see this place is more of a training place anyway.
yuliana martinez
yuliana martinez
Happy to have studied with Marc @creativescalps his online courses are the best. @yuliana_spa is proud to learn from @craetivescalps
craig molyneux
craig molyneux
I done advanced training with creative scalps after trying multiple times to work out Marc's secrets from his Instagram and YouTube videos. I decided it was time to just to pay for his training & I can honestly say it's been one of the best things I have done to further my knowledge and confidence in my SMP career.
John Deol
John Deol
The team here are just great. So professional and personable, and they did an amazing job. I can't recommend Marc, Will and the team enough.
DaSilva Planet
DaSilva Planet
lovelife 2020
lovelife 2020
Marc is a true perfectionist and great at what he does. I was in two minds about getting this done first as I was concerned it would look unatrual, but it looks amazing. I have had nothing but positive feedback, and people cannot believe it's a tattoo. I would highly recommend Marc at Creative Scalps.
First rate experience I cannot recommend Creative Scalps highly enough my experience has been first class from the initial enquiry to my final visit. Huge thank you to Sammy who is not only a very talented SMP artist with great skills in attention to detail but is also a genuinely nice person who clearly is very committed to providing high quality treatments. My experience exceeded all expectations including the final outcome. I had lost a lot of confidence with my hair loss but now thanks to Sammy and the Creative Scalps team I feel great which means so very much to me thank you once again do not hesitate to book with Creative Scalps.


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