The Best of British Scalp Micropigmentation


The Best of British Scalp Micropigmentation


Scalp micropigmentation creates the visual effect of having a full head of hair permanently.


Scalp Micropigmentation is the extreme hair misfortune arrangement for both men and ladies. It’s demonstrated to be secure and viable, this non-surgical accuracy method duplicates the see of common hair follicles and gives clients with the appearance of a closely-shaven scalp.

Scalp Micropigmentation, something else known as SMP or a hair tattoo conveys the vision of a full head of hair inconclusively.


SMP gives clients with the appearance of a closely-shaven scalp. SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) conveys the vision of a full head of hair indefinitely.
The beginning taken a toll of SMP treatment is $500. If it's not too much trouble contact us to orchestrate a free interview so able to talk about your needs and give you with the finest conceivable arrangement.



Scalp Micropigmentation will copy a shaved or buzzed hair style on bare regions, alopecia and scars so that they can be covered up, giving the dream of a shaved or buzzed hair style which is continuously elegant.

We utilize the most excellent innovation (German) that’s well-known for incredible comes about (SMP). The Scalp pigmentation treatment is non-surgical, prompt, scar free and employments no drugs. It conveys moment comes about!

Faded Hairline

Peaked Hairline

Faux Scar

Receded Hairline


Get the answers to our most habitually inquired questions almost scalp micropigmentation.
If there’s anything else merely need to inquire or require clarification with, get in touch with us.

What is scalp micropigmentation (SMP)?

SMP is corrective inking (restorative hair tattoo) that provides a arrangement to hair misfortune by duplicating hair follicles that are approximately to develop giving the impression of a shaved see. SMP can treat anywhere on the scalp that’s losing hair or indeed total hairlessness of the scalp.

What is the cost?

Costs change from $500 – $4000 depending on hair misfortuneit would be ideal if you send us photographs of your hair misfortune and able to give an precise cite with more subtle elements.

Will it look real?

Scalp micropigmentation gives the see of a shaven head or a stubble shadow see, the treatment at Inventive Scalps will be imperceptible, as it were you, the individuals you select to tell and Inventive Scalps will know.

How long will the treatment take?

Usually subordinate on sum of hair misfortune. As a common run the show you’ll be looking at 3 or 4 sessions over a 6-8 week period. Each session can final 2-4 hours.

How do you choose the right colour shade?

This can be done concurring to skin tone and/or remaining hair colour. We have tremendous encounter of a assorted run of clients from all societies. 1st sessions as a rule begin with a lighter shade and we continuously construct up thickness and obscurity as we advance to total
your treatment.

How do we choose the front hairline?

We are able go through a few pictures of hairlines and draw a few hairlines on you. When choosing hairlines it is continuously best to play it secure, not going as well moo on the primary visit. At that point on the second visit you would have chosen how moo you need to go. We are able too deliver different hairline styles depending on what you like (ie jagged, soft, marginally retreating, edged up, lines and plans) Imaginative Scalps have created procedures and methods to guarantee your hairline will be within the redress put and suit you and your fashion. We are from a barbering foundation and have a long time of beat level involvement to guarantee typically done accurately.

Is SMP the same as a normal tattoo?

No. We utilize diverse shades, inks, machines, needles and procedures. Scalp Smaller scale Pigmentation could be a pro field of its own and requires a profoundly experienced professional to realize awesome comes about.

Will it damage existing hair?

No not at all, as the profundity of the needle is as it were into the upper dermis, in the event that anything the treatment has been known to invigorate hair development.

Are the results permanent?

Comes about of completed medications will final for a long time, depending on way of life and safe frameworkNumerous clients like to have a top-up session after 2 or 3 a long time fair to keep their unused fashion looking new.

How much does a top-up session cost?

Touch up costs shift agreeing to what is requiredCost for an existing client is ordinarily $300 and for SMP repair costs begin at $600.

Does the colour discolour (turn orange/blue)?

No, as we as it were utilize a carbon based dark color which is weakened to coordinate your skin tone.

Do you match direction of hair growth?

Yes, heading of hair development is continuously taken into thought for the foremost reasonable comes about.

Does the treatment hurt?

The legitimate reply is yes you’re planning to feel distress as with any tattoo strategy. We exhort clients to have eaten well and be in great wellbeing on the day of treatment. Our pre-treatment counsel moreover incorporates saturating the scalp twice day by day within the days/weeks driving up to your method. This will offer assistance mollify the skin. The rapture you’ll feel after fathoming your hairloss issues will distant exceed any inconvenience from treatment.

How flexible are you on bookings?

Ready to work it around your work or social life no issue, ends of the week late evenings early mornings are all alright. Inventive Scalps has one of the universes most talented and experienced specialists so we do some of the time have holding up records of 4-6 weeks.

Based on 11 reviews.
Timothy Sands
Timothy Sands
I 1000% recommend, I'm extremely happy with the results and not to mention John's professionalism. The whole experience has been great and I'm very pleased with the results. It's given me confidence boost for sure.
Corneliu Cornea
Corneliu Cornea
Hello guys i ride down this review because I'm extremely happy for my SMP tattoo which give me confidence and happyness i feel like I'm a new person.I have a flat head in the back besides my boldness in top and John fixed it in 3 sessions but not just fixed but i promise no one could notice this is an SMP tattoo because how real it looks like .. everyone ask me if I let my hair grow or i did hair implant because looks amazing and super natural i look 10 years younger ...if you guys struggle with the decision to do it or not because is a tattoo i highly recommend it to you because is looking the most real possible not fake at all looks more than natural..i was scared to not see a difference in between my hair on the sides and top but unexpected John blend it fantastic good...Go see John and he is gonna do the best job for you because he is a very talented and very detailed, artistic and passionate guy for his job 👍👌❤️... I'm a very picky man and John satisfied me with his artistic hands and work he did to me I'm very happy for choosing Creative Scalps Arizona and trust in John's work . ❤️🤗 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Aaron Shibou
Aaron Shibou
To anyone interested in receiving a 5 star treatment and superb scalp micro pigmentation finish, Go see John!!!! Absolutely 100% satisfaction with his work and experience. JOHN removed any fear I had in the procedure and left me with a fabulous new hairline. His knowledge and skill are incomparable to any other artist in the trade! I am very happy with my decision to choose Creative Scalps Arizona! Choose this guy because you will not be dissapointed!!!
Vince V
Vince V
Absolute best SMP in the United States, hands down. I'm from Los Angeles and consulted with all of the so-called "top" SMP artists and all of them used the same outdated technique. NOT ONE of them did anything different. I did a ton of research and found Marc Allen with Creative Scalps who takes SMP to a whole new level. I almost took a trip out to the UK to see him until I found out they had an office in Arizona. I was stoked! I cannot say enough about John Douglas. He trained tirelessly under Marc Allen on their techniques and delivered results! I was a bit skeptical and nervous at first but after the third session I was blown away. It's been almost 2 months since my third session and WOW...I still catch myself in the rear view mirror and can't believe my eyes. I honestly can't even tell which ones are real follicles and which aren't. Absolutely amazing. All of this and not to mention John is just an all around awesome dude. It took me way too long to write this review because I've been too busy enjoying my newfound head freedom. Can't thank you enough, Johnny.
Ricky Cruz
Ricky Cruz
Just finished my third session with John Douglas. I’m blown away with the results!! What a game changer, I’m extremely happy with my new look. John is an incredible artist, the man if you're considering SMP. Creative Scalps Arizona is your place. Highly recommend setting up a consultation, this will change your life.
Chris Troyer
Chris Troyer
I absolutely love my results!!! If you are considering SMP, Johnny at Creative Scalps Arizona is your guy! He’s beyond particular and great at what he does. I highly recommend setting up a consultation and running with it. I promise this will be game changing for you. Johnny will take care of you… He’s the real deal!
Marc Gonzalez
Marc Gonzalez
Highly recommend John. Great experience and love the results
Roman Visente
Roman Visente
Don’t look any further if you want your SMP to get done. John knows what he’s doing. You’ll be in great hands no questions about it. I’m a current customer, I’ve had two sessions so far and it already looks awesome!
I'm a current customer and i can truly say , Johns personality, knowledge of smp , professionalism and techniques are all top notch. If you are thinking about getting smp done in the valley, go to Creative Scalps Arizona, its the best one in town hands down !
Jeremy Barnes
Jeremy Barnes
I was very pleased with the outcome it took 3 sessions my head has multiple burns and scaring but John was able to make me look ten yrs younger. Thank you very much Creative scalps arizona for your dedicated time


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