5 things to prepare before your first hair scalp micropigmentation session

Marc Allen here, at Creative Scalps. This is five things you need to know as a client, and as a scalp artist, to prepare you for your SMP treatment. You want the best treatment, these are five things you need to do, coming up after this.

1. Moisturise your scalp. You need to have soft skin.  

It’s going to take the needle better then. All you need, twice a day, once in the morning, one in the afternoon, a load of moisturiser., put it on, rub it in there, morning and night. That will soften the skin. That’s going to help the needle just get under the surface. It’s not like a regular tattoo, where they’re going deep and scrapping it along. Scalp micropigmentation is just going under the surface of the skin. If it’s hard, the needle just bounces off. You get the best treatment with a softer skin.

2. cut your hair the night before.

Use clippers, you get to my sort of length. Use what we call a foil shaver, that will take it to skin, if that’s your preferred style, use a razor, whatever you want to do, but do it the night before. If you do it in the morning of your treatment, chances are, your follicles are still going to be a little bit open, it’s going to be a lot sourer, and you’re going to have a lot of redness. Do it the day before. You’re saving all that redness, it won’t be that sour. It’s all about preparation.

3. Avoid anything that might thin the blood.

Such as caffeine, such as aspirin, such as energy drinks. Things like these, they’re going to thin the blood, and what’s going to happen? You’re going to create more bleeding. What’s going to happen when you create more bleeding? The blood will mix with the pigment, and then it’s going to dilute it, and we don’t  want that. All right? Do as you’re told, no coffee, no drugs, no alcohol, on the morning of your treatment, and we’re going to be all good.

4. Prepare yourself for what hairline you want.

Have a look on Instagram, have a look on YouTube, any website, any SMP company, especially Creative Scalps. Choose yourself a hairline, whether it be defined, or whether it be sort of receded, a soft look filled with hairline. Natural results are what we’re after, and we produce incredible results.

5. Prepare for your post SMP treatment.

On the day of your treatment, make sure you’re stocked up on food, so you’ve got plenty of energy to get through it. You’re going to have a needle in your head, thousands of times, over a few hours. Two, three, four hours, possibly. You want to have plenty of energy to get through this procedure. If you don’t, your blood sugar is going to drop, you’re going to feel dizzy, at the worst, you’ll be passing out. We don’t want that.

That’s it. Five things to prepare you for your scalp pigmentation. I hope it  goes well for you. If you prepare well, you’ve got the best chance to the best treatment. Thank you for watching/reading. If you like my videos,  or if you want to see anymore, subscribe, leave a comment of anything else you want to know about, I’ll be happy to help. Thanks

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