Creatives Scalps Guide to Creating Hairlines

1. Finding a natural hairline 

Did you know that you can find your hairline in a matter of seconds. The quickest way to find the hairline on somebody, whether its a client or whether it’s for yourself, if you just tense up the muscles in your head there on your forehead and we just want to pencil around that muscle line.  Just keep it behind the muscle at the top of your forehead and that will give you your natural hairline shape.

2. Create hairline symmetry with a system

I believe to create symmetry, you need a system in place. I was a barber for 25 years before getting got into scalp micropigmentation. I believed I could freehand and join any hairline. What I soon found out was that to create something with total symmetry, no matter what the style, it was really important to know for sure that the  is possible and not only that, but to ensure that the symmetry will actually to give you the best look possible.

I devised my five-point system. Now if you’re a scalp artist and you’re creating hairlines, you want to have a system in place. You don’t have to use my five-point system but I use a system so every time I work on  a client, I know 100% they’ve got it in the right place. The video Below shows how to create a five point system to create the hairline.

3. How to create the Creative Scalps faded hairline

We are looking to create a soft finish with Sam in order to create the faded hairline. The idea is to break out your hairline with a lower density between the two created hairlines on the forehead and finish with a lighter pigment. On the second session, we revisit the hairline this with a slightly darker pigment.

On the third session you repeat the process but finishing a little further back whilst continuing to lower the density to give a soft natural finish. Watch the video below to get a full understanding of how we created this look.

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