Is it expensive? It depends on how much money you’ve got. If you’ve got a lot of money, this isn’t expensive but if you don’t have any money, you’ll think this is expensive. Coming from a hairdressing background, if I can cut somebody’s hair and say to them, “How long would you want this haircut to last. Do you want this haircut to last for a few years? If so, how much would that haircut be worth to you?

If you’ve got a haircut that lasted for four years without getting a cut again, then that haircut will be worth a few thousand pounds but that’s not what happens. I cut hair, people come back. They have to get it cut again, again, again, week after week after week. Eventually, they actually spend that money by that time. That’s the way I compare it. With this treatment, when somebody comes in, they don’t have any hair, they usually shave it down to nothing themselves, so they don’t actually spend money on a barber to be fair for a standard treatment.

The true cost of SMP

Comparatively, it’s not expensive. You will be looking in the thousands for the full treatment. It’s possible to pay per treatment which brings the money down to the hundreds. It also depends on how much hair is missing and how long the treatment’s going to take. You will need a full consultation or you will need to send photos of your head to us to that we can give you an idea of how much the treatment will cost. Alterntively, you can visit our price list for more information.

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