How To Take Great Photos of Scalp Micro Pigmentation Clients?

I’ve been asked about my customer scalp micropigmention photos, how do I create them so good? I’m just going to give you a quick show of what I do to take photos, share the knowledge.

Setting the scene for your SMP photos

Basically, here we are. This is my photo wall. Ring light, chair, background, other types of lighting, just normal lighting not too strong up there. The front window from our clinic lets in daylight but in the nighttime, you will see that it’s still the same.  

Photo Positioning

Literally have the ring lights up about three feet away from the chair. When we finish the client, switch on the ring light, shine it on them, get in there and take the picture. All right, that is literally it.

View the Results

I’m on the other side of the ring right now taking a selfie as you can see in the video, but the image below shows that I am doing the same for a client. When doing this with clients, they can see there’s no trickery involved it’s just literally me standing there taking a picture. I’ll press focus on the iPhone so it brings out every little detail and take the picture, that is it. Good treatment makes a great photo. What else can I say, good luck.

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