Hey guys, this is just a quick video to show you a few close-ups of scalp micropigmentation. I think it’s really important if you’re going to choose an artist, that you can see their work close-up. When you look at my work, what I want you to take note of is when you see the soft hairline, you want to zoom in close. When you zoom in close, you’ll be able to see the lighter, more broken density of a soft hairline and then behind it, you can see it gets slightly darker. That’s what is going to give you a really soft natural look.

Temple Areas

The same sort of thing applies into the side temple areas. You want to see a real tight impression, gradually getting lighter, a few different shades coming through just like, see my natural hair, you’ve got a few different shades as it goes through. We want the SMP to just come through into the natural hair and seamlessly blend. What you don’t want to end up with is not just like a rim around there and what happens is people just do the rim around this area and you can have a bit like a hat. You don’t want that, you want it to blend seamlessly through to your natural hair. That will future proof your SMP.

You want it to look natural

Really look close at these examples that I give you. As you can see, each and every impression, it’s not just like a tippy-tappy all the way over. It’s each and every impression needs to be there. We need to be having light and darker shades working together, really tight impressions, and the tighter we can make them, impressions, the darker we can make them, and that will really make your SMP stand out, give it some definition.

When somebody looks up close to your hairline, they’re just going to be, “Wow, that is amazing.” They don’t know what’s hair and what’s not, because you got them different shades working through. That can only be shown really by these close-ups. If you’re not seeing someone’s work close-up, then maybe it’s because there’s a little bit to be desired about their work.

I’m always really proud of the work I do. I love zooming in close-up to hairlines after I finish the treatment, as well with some healed results and love to just zoom in close, let’s really get up close and see what’s going on because from a distance, you can have SMP done, and from a distance, it’s going to look okay, but what you’re looking for in SMP is when somebody comes right above your head and they’re looking and inspecting it.

That’s the moment when you don’t have any paranoia. You want to know 100% for a fact that if someone looks at your head, they’re just going to go, “Where? Where? Where is the tattoo you’re talking about?” That’s what we’re looking for. We want them to be totally bemused about what’s going on. I get it myself. When I get clients that come back that have had treatments, we look back at their photos, and we can’t believe how much hair loss they were suffering.

Comparing the SMP Before and After

Now with the SMP, we have to compare the photos. We can’t even believe it ourselves and we’re doing it every day. Trust me and just check out people’s work close-up, especially mine, because it is great. Okay. Thanks for watching and give us a like and give us a subscribe and hopefully you enjoyed what you’ve seen from Creative Scalps

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