A Quick Guide to SMP


SMP is short for Scalp Micropigmentation and is the process of cosmetic hair tattooing that offers a solution to hair loss by replicating hair follicles that are about to grow giving the impression of a shaved look. SMP can treat anywhere on the scalp that is losing hair or even complete baldness of the scalp.

How real do SMP tattoo treatments look?

Scalp micropigmentation gives the look of a shaven head or a stubble shadow look, the treatment at Creative Scalps Arizona will be undetectable, only you, the people you choose to tell will know.

How long does an SMP treatment take?

This is dependent on amount of hair loss. As a general rule you will be looking at 3 or 4 sessions over a 6-8 week period. Each session can last 2-4 hours.

What’s the best hairline shade color to choose from?

This is done according to skin tone and/or remaining hair colour. We have huge experience of a diverse range of clients from all cultures. The first sessions usually start with a lighter shade and we gradually build up density and darkness as we progress to complete your treatment.

How do you choose the best hairline placement?

We can go through some pictures of hairlines and draw some hairlines on you. When choosing hairlines it is always best to play it safe, not going too low on the first visit. Then on the second visit, you would have decided how low you want to go. We can also produce various hairline styles depending on what you like for example, jagged, soft, slightly receding, edged up, lines and designs.

Creative Scalps Arizona has developed techniques and procedures to ensure your hairline will be in the correct place and suit you and your style. We are from a barbering background and have years of top-level experience to ensure this is done correctly. The direction of hair growth is always taken into consideration for the most realistic results.

Are hairline SMP tattoo treatments the same as normal tattoos?

No SMP treatments differ on a large scale compared to traditional tattoo methods. We use different pigments, inks, machines, needles and techniques. Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a specialist field of its own and requires a highly experienced technician to achieve great results. At Creative Scalps Arizona, we only use a carbon-based black pigment which is diluted to match your skin tone.

Do SMP treatments hurt?

The honest answer is yes you are going to feel discomfort as with any tattoo procedure. We advise clients to have eaten well and be in good health on the day of treatment. Our pre-treatment advice also includes moisturising the scalp twice daily in the days/weeks leading up to your procedure. This will help soften the skin. The elation you will feel after solving your hair loss issues will far outweigh any discomfort from treatment.

How long does the buzz or shaved look last for?

Results of completed SMP treatments will last for years, depending on lifestyle and immune system. Many clients like to have a top-up session after 2 or 3 years just to keep their new style looking fresh. Touch up sessions are also available. Please get in touch for more information.

In case you’re considering a scalp micropigmentation treatment, our neighborly, master group are on hand to help.

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